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Real Estate

Having trouble within your housing cooperative? Need assistance in questions regarding real estate or apartment sales? Oranssi will gladly assist you.

Oranssi has a wide-range of expertise in legal matters regarding housing and real estate. We will assist you in any situation with professional expertise and a hands-on approach.

Employment law and HR

Do the legal rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees make your head spin? Wouldn’t it be easy to just have a specialist delve into your case?

Whenever you require legal assistance in employment matters, Oranssi expertise is at your service. As your legal counsel we will formulate various legal documents and conduct legal research with professional care. When the ground work is done precisely, you will avoid many legal issues in the future.

Public Procurement

How could a company affect the preparation phase of public procurement? How to ensure your success in competitive procurement and what could be your bidding strategy? How to nail the contract negotiations? We at Oranssi can provide you with these answers.

Our public procurement experts are ready to stand by your side through all phases of the process itself. We provide swift and reliable counsel on variety of public procurement matters. If needed, we will assess whether the procedure complies with procurement law and handle your appeal procedures in The Market Court.

Legal Business Partner

How to ensure that your business has the proper legal expertise when needed? By hiring your own in-house lawyer or buying legal services for a certain assignment? The best and most cost-efficient way to handle your legal needs is usually somewhere between these two – An outsourced in-house lawyer to whom you can turn to as continuous business support.  

By having Oranssi as your legal business partner you can always reach us as if we were your in-house lawyer next door. We will handle your ever-changing legal needs with flexibility and in a cost-efficient manner. As your continuous partner it is possible to anticipate legal issues that need attention along the way.

You can always turn to the legal specialist that you are familiar with and who understands your business. This personal and swift service complied with our profound expertise will let you focus on your own core business. Let us handle the legal! Contact us for a handcrafted offer focused solely on your business needs.


Let us handle the legal!

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